About us

As a Church we have a vision that all of us will go about our everyday lives:

Knowing God's love, Growing in the Holy Spirit and Going in Christ's name.

Our hearts' desire is to build a Church that cultivates a ‘Kingdom culture’ in line with what the Bible teaches.  We desire to be a community that will impact our local community.

We are really privileged to have an amazing leadership team.

Our team is made up of people from a range of backgrounds and professions: creating a fun, down-to-earth and faith filled atmosphere at Panshanger.

The team has a combined wealth of wisdom and life experience and a passion for both God and people.  They are dedicated to reaching out inclusivesly with the good news of Jesus and serving people in a culturally relevant way.

our Minister and Leadership Team:
Rev'd Hayley Young

Senior Minister


Nick Evans
Nicolette Camburn
Nigel Marwick
Gwyneth James
Sarah Dawson

As a Church we have a vision that shapes what we do:

Knowing God's love, Growing in the Holy Spirit and Going in Christ's name.

We believe that God loves everyone and wants us all to personally know His love for each of us. He gives us His Holy Spirit to help us live in a way that shows that love. And He asks us to go out in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, to share the good news that we can be forgiven for all of our mistakes and be reunited with God.


At Panshanger Church, we try to live in this way, building a church in line with what Jesus taught, recorded in the Bible. We strive to be a community that makes a difference in our local community by sharing God's love for all.

Our Minister and Eldership Team:
Rev Paul Seymour - Minister

Rev'd Paul Seymour joined Panshanger Church in May 2021. Watch this space to hear more from Rev Paul...!  

Sarah Dawson - Elder

Sarah has been at Panshanger Church since 2007. Sarah became a Christian after she joined an Alpha Course shortly after visiting Panshanger Church.  Sarah lives and works in Panshanger and also went to school at Ridgeway Academy (Sir Frederic Osborn School then) and therefore has a real passion for the community. 

Annie Ragless - Elder

Annie has been worshipping at Panshanger Church since 2003. The church family has been central in building her faith and she hopes to help others grow closer to God and support each other in their journey of faith. She leads a home group, is part of the music worship team and is responsible for the "messy" parts of Wednesday Church. 

Carmen Hollis


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Church Council:
Mary Burt

Council - Community Engagement

Stewart Johnson

Council - Methodist Rep

Karen Bloye 
Lousie Bowman

Council - Safeguarding Officer

Council - Treasurer

Nicky Smith
John Adkins 
Sue Markwick

Council - Baptist Rep

John Strawbridge

Council - URC Rep

Matt Slater 

Council - Pastoral

Hannah Clarke 
Nick Evans